Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day: The Answer

The Answer:
snrednek is running for District Council in the Eynesbury ward
I'm not standing for Council. Nor will I. I want to hold the elected to account. There are reasons why I wouldn't stand. Some of these are:
1. I would not be bound by the SECRECY so I would publish everything.
2. I'm out most nights and would rarely turn up to council/committee meetings.
3. I'm not interested in what the public thinks.

April Fool's Day
One this day a whole load of jokes will be played on the public by the news media. I have to say I'm no different. So here are some stories and you have to guess which is one is the lie.

Djanogly lives in a 5 storey semi detached house in Little Venice. The property doesn't have a garage nor does it have much garden. The garden is provided by a large open space open to all residents backing on the housing estate. The value of the house is currently badly estimated at: £4,097,419.

Locals pay more tax to cut tax for others. The happy residents annexed from Love's Farm and Eynesbury Manor/Parklands are paying higher taxes to cut the rest of the Council Tax of the St Neots residents.

snrednek is running for District Council in the Eynesbury ward. He is standing for the newly formed Popular Front for St Neots. In announcing his candidature snrednek said: I've had enough of these Councillors running this Town Council so I have now set up a blog called Pravda or Truth. I will be running under the banner of no more muck ups from these people. Up the revolution comrades!

Huntingdonshire District Council spent £573,000 on upgrading the public conveniences only to decide to close them. They tried to get the Town Councils to take over these facilities. SNTC took 2. St Ives 1.

Martin Land said the "Tories remain a coalition between the blatantly self-interested, closet racists, and homophobes.."

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