Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Djanogly's last Declaration of Interest.

This is the last entry on Jonathan Djanogly's. The interesting bit about this declaration is Djanogly has had a stream of trainee solicitors sent by his old firm to carry out research. This bolsters the Djanogly "Team". There is an intern, 2 - 3 employees and, now, a trainee solicitor. This is a bit of speculation as I can't find where Djanogly makes transparent how many employees are paid through his parliamentary allowances.

Below is a copy of the last publication:


FatFrank said...

With all those shares, how can he not have a conflict of interest in lots of things MPs are supposed to deal with?

Banks, oil companies, telecommunications, superstores, retailers, media companies, property investment...

Would he support a bill which might be in the best interests of the public but could damage the share price for any of the above?

And take Imperial Tobacco. How can he get involved in any health debates when he's basically supporting one of the biggest, proven killers and causes of diseases in our society?

Ste Greenall said...

Dave, you might like to take a look at my elecion blog, where I "revealed" yesterday that
Mr. Djanogly's "Election Communication" leaflet which hit the doormats yesterday states his 3 Positive Reasons to vote for him.

It claims he "promotes commerce in Huntingdonshire" but he has a strange way of promoting....by getting the leaflet printed in Guildford.

All the best

Ste Greenall
Prospective Lib Dem in Huntingdon East