Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Swimming Pool will have to wait?

Not too sure what to make of this. The site has been in problems for ages. The likelihood is the reliance on Government cash has gone. I still say this is the best site for the Cinema as it would be next to the Eat n Bowl.
What worries me is Cllr Ursell linking of the open air pool with another form of Leisure outlet. SNTC has a bad track record with the newly finished ECC. I have no confidence the Swimming Pool Trust has the ability to manage this type of development. Especially when they have a history of not getting the returns and accounts into the Charity Commission on time.
Cllr Gordon Thorpe is hardly impressive with "...but the Town Council will do what it can to redress the balance." What does that mean?

It is time the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust comes forward and publishes the future plans.

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