Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hunts Post debate

I went to the Hunts Post Election debate. I thought it was a good night out. It was well run and organised event. The Hunts Post should be praised. They should also be praised for changing their minds and inviting all candidates to the debate.

The only candidate missing was The Animal Protection Party candidate. I suppose you can't really expect her to come all the way up from Kent to debate here in Huntingdon.

The debate lasted nearly 2.5 hours. Lord Toby Jug nearly fell off the stage. If a candidate dies this means the poll would be postponed. It has in Thirsk. The debate was videoed and will be on the Hunts Post website later.

So who one. I my biased opinion I thought Jonathan Salt edged it over Jonathan Djanogly and Martin Land who are both tied in second place. In fourth place was John Clare who did very well as the Green Candidate. I was surprised. Lord Toby Jug was fifth. Sixth was Anthea Cox and last was Ian Curtis.

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