Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ups and downs in villager' protests?

As I've been saying for a year or more, Eynesbury Hardwicke/Eynesbury Manor residents were in for a bit of a shock. What has added to this shock was neither EHPC nor SNTC didn't inform the affected residents of the changes. This is bad Government and was something THIS BLOG RAISED.

Cllr Barry Chapman unhelpfully weighs into this controversy with "Something could have been done to ease the burden or phase in the increase, but they did nothing." I can't find anything in law that allows any of what you are telling people. My question to Barry Chapman is what could have been done and by whom?

As for they it was the Conservative run HDC which did decided to move this area into St Neots. It was EHPC that agreed to this move. So they isn't the Liberal Democrats it is his colleagues - The Conservatives.

Bob Barnes in right in saying this is a consequence of joining St Neots. It is a pity the "St Neots Conservative Councillors" can't get their collective heads around all this.

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