Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unison still misses the point over Hinchingbrooke

I see that Unison is doing its bit by blaming the Labour Party creation - the Strategic Health Authority,  for implementing the Labour policy of franchising this hospital. So who should Unison be lobbying and blaming for what is going on at Hinchingbrooke. Try the Health Secretary Andy Burnham.
If Labour wins the General Election expect more franchising of the NHS by Labour. If Unison is so opposed to franchising why are they giving loads of money to Labour?

Where is Anthea Cox in all this?

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Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital said...

I agree, Unison Eastern region have blamed the Labour Quango the SHA, yet Unison HQ in London has said nothing. At least they have spoken out and blamed somebody...even if it is not the instigator of the Privatisation, just the hatchet men
I have written to both Andy Burnham and David Prentis of Unison....only to be fobbed off by minor staff with the Thank you for your letter we will consider your points.....