Thursday, April 15, 2010

No funding for Soldiers Parade!

Minute 196 of Town Council Meeting of 10th March 2010 is a gem. The Mayor (Cllr Thorpe) asked for a £1,000 to pay for the closure of roads for the Civic Parade. This was approved by the Town Council. After the recent Freedom of the Town was given by neighbouring Huntingdon to the Royal Anglian Regiment, SNTC thought they could get in on the act. But roads will need to be closed for the American military soldiers to parade.

So what does the Town Council do? It denies funding for road closures of for this parade!

So the Mayor will be able to have a civic parade but those who fight fought for this nation are denied. This is wrong!

*I understand from Cllr Doug Terry that the Freedom of the Town referred to the Americans. I was informed by a source this was RAR. The Town Council website shows no minutes and no reports on this subject. The basic premise of this article is correct. The Town Council is giving the "Freedom of the Town" to a group and the money to allow them to parade is not given. This is discourtesy to those whom the Town wishes honour! What is worse is this is an international discourtesy. I think that is wrong! 


doug terry said...

If you are going to slag off the town council Dave please get your facts straight. The proposale was to give the Freedom of the Town to the Americans not the Anglian Regiment.Check with the Town Clerk.

Dave said...

Doug, it shouldn't be necessary to check with the Town Clerk. This should have been in the minutes/agendas. Search the St Neots TC website and there is nothing about Americans or Freedom of the Town.