Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comment on letters to St Neots News and Crier - 08/04/2010 digital edition

Just comments on one letter this week.

Voters need all arguments - The minor party candidates are signalling their intention with an alternative hustings event on the same night in the same town as the Hunts Post hustings. Good for them. It is about time we hold all the candidates to account. This seat is a seen as a win for the Conservatives. Djanogly with all his troubles over expenses should be held to account for his expenses.

I feel all parliamentary candidates should be held to account not just the "top 3".

Having Anthea Cox (Labour) at the hustings is wrong. Labour is doing terribly round here. Virtually given up with the local elections. This is the Hunts Post is giving life to a dead campaign. Huntingdon CLP is twinned with Bedford CLP so they'll be off to Bedford campaigning to try to hold that seat!

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