Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My comments on some letters in The Hunts Post St Neots - 28/04/2010

Penny Pinchers - The rather crude "Screw St Neots" campaign from Cllr Giles likens HDC having it in for St Neots. HDC hasn't got it in for just St Neots but for everyone in the District.

Won't, not can't - Ann Hyams, wife of Colin Hyams who is Executive Councillor for Operational and Countryside Services on HDC ands therefore a member of the cabinet. Yet another Councillor who disagrees with a decision but would rather stay in post than take a stand and resign.

Ann Hyams is misleading when she says: "I appreciate the tough economic climate whcih was originally to blame for this closure...." This is wrong. It was the Conservative run District Council which went for a high spending/low tax plan which just added to the deficit. It is Ann's husband who is part of this.

Godmanchester is a close Conservative/Liberal Democrat marginal. After Fenstanton seats like Godmanchester must be vulnerable to a Liberal Democrat surge. Will Cllr Hyams be an acceptable loss to the Conservative administration?

Playing dirty - James Clark seems to think writing to the papers than campaigning. At the 2008 Town Council by-election this Conservative stood and lost. He blamed everyone else but there was no campaigning by James. I'm still waiting for the leaflet.

The Conservatives should worry less about what the Liberal Democrats are doing and actually get out and campaign. You might win a few seats and get rid of some of the deadwood and bad advisers in the Conservatives.

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