Monday, April 26, 2010

Martin Land gets round to writing the 'contract'

In a previous blog I said Martin Land was missing the contract with his potential constituents that he stated was on his website. That was on 22nd April 2010. I see that a few days later, 25th April 2010, he has finally issued his contract. Not much of a contract anyway. A couple of parts to his contract need further examination.

"I’m pledged to work closely with and attend as many meetings as possible of the District and County Councils."

Why do you need attend all these meetings? Most of the time Martin Land wouldn't be able to attend the vast majority of these meetings.

"I’m pledged to hold an annual ‘Parish Parliament’ where the hundreds of local parish councillors will be able to raise their particular problems directly with me."

I feel this is mixed up thinking. A Parliament is a legislative body. This meeting will have no powers. I have to question whether Martin would see himself as a delegate or a representative.

I see at least two problems with this "contract". Firstly, what about his constituents. How are we able to hold Martin to account? He is very happy to start a body for Parish Councillors but not for constituents. Secondly, what happens if he breaches his "contract". There is nothing about Martin resigning if he breaches his "contract".

This "contract" isn't worth the website it is written on. 

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