Friday, April 9, 2010

First Local Election Leaflet is from: The Liberal Democrats

The first local election leaflet to land on my doormat is from the Liberal Democrats. Steve van de Kerkhove is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Eynesbury. If you haven't had one yet there is a link to a copy here

What is Steve promising? Not much and nor can he. The main problem with these local elections is the same problem with the General Election. Both the Conservative run HDC and Labour run HM Government are running deficits. Both are NOT informing the public where the inevitable cuts are going to fall. 

At the General Election, I don't expect the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats to detail cuts whilst Gordon Brown and Labour, who have the figures, stay secret and silent over their massive cuts. Nor can I expect the Liberal Democrats to be able to tell me where they would cut when the local Conservatives are doing exactly the same as the Labour Government.

I will be voting for Steve as I feel he will stand up for Eynesbury. As equally important is sending a message to the current Conservative administration that they have messed up and should pay by being voted out of office. The Conservative slogan is "Vote for change". I shall certainly be voting to get rid of this Conservative administration.

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