Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freedom of Information, Xmas Lights Report and the Town Council

I just looked on the SNTC website and found they had produced the minutes of a Special Town Council Meeting held on 22nd February 2010. This was a meeting not held in public. I've published the following extracts:

"The Acting Town Clerk informed members that she had received a letter from Kester Cunningham John Solicitors to advise members of the recent letter received regarding the Christmas Lights report.
The Information Commissioner’s Office requests that the Town Council consider each individual redaction it has made and consider whether the information is in fact already in the public domain and/or whether it is trivial informationKester Cunningham had advised that for this work to be carried out would cost a further £1500 to £2000."

That the Town Clerk be instructed to formally write to the Information Commissioner’s Office to request a further extension of time in supplying the information due to the outstanding HSE Executive findings. The working group to review the redactions within the report."

So from all this I find the following:

There is a working group of Town Councillors. First I knew about this. This WP isn't on the list at the Annual Council Meeting.
The Town Council has appointed Kester Cunningham John Solicitors to look after this Freedom of Information request.
This is costing the Council Taxpayer more money - previous amounts not disclosed - to prevent the publication of a report, into a public accident, which was paid for by the taxpayer.

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Anonymous said...

Probably means the report contains something rather damming about the Town Council or those connected to it. Why else would they have the desire to keep as much of it a secret as possible. Would be great if someone within the council could leak the uncensored report.