Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parish Boundary Review - How the St Neots Conservatives messed up.

It is easy to believe the Conservative Councillors that this review was something dreamt up by the Boundary Commission. In fact the review of Parish/Town Council arrangements fall squarely on the Conservative controlled HDC.

It came across to me very clearly that our St Neots Conservative Councillors Group were absent in the formulation of these boundary changes. I couldn't find one representation from the Conservatives to this review. The whole lot went through with only a murmur and that was from EHPC. 

So when the Conservatives complain about the hard up people of the annexed areas, they should stand up and inform those residents what they did. Because I can find nothing. The Elections Panel actually was chaired by D. Harty and A. Gilbert was made Vice Chairman during this process. The recommendations were approved by Council, of which all the Conservative District Councillors, at the time, were members.

Instead of standing up and informing the residents as to why they think this is a good idea, now the consequences are becoming apparent they hide or blame the Liberal Democrats. All very easy. Below, I've mapped out how this decision was made. 

This was a Conservative decision. There is no getting away from that.

The original decision was taken in March 2006. - No paperwork on that. The Elections Panel was charged with the job of looking at the boundaries and electoral arrangements.

Elections Panel 22nd August 2006
This sets out the reason behind the review (in legislation) and what the review could do.

This shows the Liberal Democrats were in the running. The "St Neots Conservative Councillors were nowhere!

The St Neots Conservative Councillors at this meeting were: D Harty, A Gilbert
Elections Panel 2nd October 2006
This set out the draft proposals for the new St Neots boundary.

Annex A - Electoral proposals

SNCCG - D. Harty and A. Gilbert
Elections Panel 19th February 2007
Elections Panel Meeting 19/02/07 Appendix
This appendix is a summary of suggestions from the Public. Not one was received from St Neots.

SNCCG - D. Harty. A Gilbert -apologies
Elections Panel 20th November 2007
This was the agreement for the changes to the St Neots Boundary.
SNCCG - D. Harty and A. Gilbert
This set out the final version to go to Council
This a summary of the last representations.
Council Meeting 5th December 2007
This approved the new boundary!
Elections Panel 25th March 2009
Election Panel Minutes 25/03/09
Awaiting details of the confirmation

Huntingdonshire District Council - Parish Boundaries
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Anonymous said...

The issue is not about the boundary change or who made the decision to change it. It's about the level of council tax set by the Town Council for no additional services that the residents of Eynesbury Hardwicke can benefit from.

Dave said...

The issue of the amount of council tax level is just a diversion by the St Neots Conservative Councillors (SNCCG). I can find not representations made by the Conservatives to keep Eynesbury Hardwicke free of SNTC. With SNCCG members David Harty and Andrew Gilbert on the Panel deciding this, it seems extraordinary that this was not thought out until now.
The main problem with the Conservative position is what of those who live next door or nearby. We have been paying higher tax than our near neighbours. So I should pay MORE so our neighbours can pay less. That is NOT a real vote winner with me!

Anonymous said...

The residents of Eynesbury Hardwicke are not asking the rest of St Neots to pay more so that we pay less. Its the reduction of the council tax as compared to last year being charged to the rest of St Neots which Eynesbury Hardwicke which in reality is subsidising the rest of St Neots. It's a fact that with an increased budget the town council would not be able to reduce some peoples council tax bills without increasing other peoples council tax bills.

Dave said...

I this case I'm repeating myself. This blog has pointed out several times before about these increases and why they are happening. Long before the Conservative Councillors got on the 'band wagon'. Indeed, I even wrote about how nice it would be if one of the Councils actually wrote to the residents informing them what is going on. They didn't. Was this raised by the Conservatives at Town Council? No!
The plain fact is the Conservatives raised this as an issue without looking up what they didn't do. Thinking they could blame the Liberal Democrats for WHAT IS A CONSERVATIVE DECISION!
Anonymous, I think you have muddled thinking. The increase in the SNTC budget was £41K. If the SNTC budget hadn't increases you would be paying £4 less. This is £80 instead of £84. The bulk of the increase would have come through anyway.