Friday, April 30, 2010

Gardener Leaflet fails to talk about the £6.1 million deficit.

I received a Conservative leaflet for their candidate in Eynesbury - Ian Gardener. Good looking leaflet though I do have some issues. The Conservative run Huntingdonshire District Council is looking to cut £6.1 million. Why is there no mention of this in this leaflet?

My priority is to find out how the Conservative run HDC is going to cut £6.1 million from spending. So where are these cuts going to fall?

So Ian will lobby. No promise to reverse this decision? Why not promise something like I will not support a budget until this is reversed? Lobby is very feeble.

Er...This was a decision by the Conservatives at HDC. So the St Neots Conservatives managed to save something by getting the St Neots Council taxpayer to pick up the bill!

Nothing about money being put aside as your colleagues want? Not disappointed that the Conservatives is using Town Council money to keep the toilets open which HDC were going to close.

What does "fully supportive" mean?

I expect this list to be adhered too and will hold the Conservatives to account over this list.

The reason the Council tax level is so low is Conservative run HDC is propping up the budget through the use of reserves. A few years ago the Conservatives were willing to jack up the Council Tax by 80%. They still need to find £6.1 million in cuts to maintain this level of Council Tax. This fact the Conservatives are almost silent on.

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