Friday, April 9, 2010

St Neots local election candidates

The candidates have been announce for the District Elections on 6th May 2010 (Full list here). In St Neots it is the east bank that is voting. Those on the west bank don't have local elections this year.
There are 4 candidates for the Eynesbury ward. The introduction of a UKIP candidate makes this Conservative safe seat a marginal.

St Neots Eynesbury Ward - Conservative
Party Candidate Name Last Result 2008
Conservative Ian Gardener 1031   Elected  
Liberal Democrat Steven van de Kerkhove 666
Labour Bill O'Connor 182
UKIP Marian Appleton ---
From the addresses given by the candidates, there is only 1 candidate who lives in the ward and that is Steven van de Kerkhove (Liberal Democrat). Bill O'Connor (Labour) and Marian Appleton live elsewhere in St Neots. The Conservative candidate Ian Gardiner lives in the village of Grafham. Couldn't the Conservatives actually find a candidate from Eynesbury?

I will be voting for Steve van de Kerkhove - Liberal Democrat. 

Moving onto the other seat we have 3 candidates from the main parties. 
St Neots Priory Ward - Liberal Democrat
Party Candidate Name Last Result 2007
Conservative Barry Chapman 726
Liberal Democrat Robert Eaton 742   Elected  
Labour Patricia Nicholls 96
Of these candidate only Robert Eaton (Liberal Democrat) is local to the ward. Barry Chapman (Conservative) and Patricia Nicholls (Labour) both live in the Eaton Ford ward. 

I urge voters in the Priory ward to vote for Robert Eaton - Liberal Democrat

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