Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oneleisure likely to go down the trust route.

I got into a bit of a spat with Tim C over on St Neots Community Forum on whether the HDC run Leisure Centres should go into a Leisure Trust. In the recent District Wide propaganda magazine there was a part on the budget problems faced by  HDC. Residents for their ideas. So I sent some in. 

On the subject of putting the Leisure Centres into a Trust I was informed:

"The question of transferring our Leisure Centres to a Trust has been considered in general terms already and may be an area that we go into in depth over the coming months. There are some clear potential benefits but we have an added area of complexity due to the land on which they are located being owned, in a number of cases, by the County Council and Town Councils. Hopefully this will not be insurmountable if the benefits otherwise stack up."

Whilst it is good that HDC is looking at a Leisure Trust, I feel this could be too late. There are undoubted savings to be made by going down this route. The fear is these savings will not be enough to help out the 5 Leisure Centres. HDC may not be able to afford all the Leisure Centres.

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