Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There are a few bits missing from Anthea's declaration

In a section on the Huntingdon CLP website called News from Anthea Cox, there is a declaration of Interests made by Anthea. In my view much of this is just a political ploy.

Lets take a look at Anthea's declaration.
I looked on Google and found this:
Anthea has her own webpage on Frontline Consulting. Why isn't Frontline Consulting on Anthea's declaration?

Moving on:
Goldhay Arts Ltd - A charity which Anthea chairs. A webpage showing some of what Goldhay does.  The Charity Commission page is here. This shows that in accounts filed for the year end 30/11/08 the charity had £150,000. The Google search also threw up.

Save Goldhay Arts from Closing Down

The Labour Government, through her local NHS Trust, is cutting funding to this charity. According to this press release this charity will have to close down.

When Anthea was appointed as Director of The Learning Disability Coalition she said:
"My concern is that funding for services for this group of people is simply not on the political agenda"
Obviously, Anthea was right what she said and this funding is simply not on the Labour Government's political agenda!

Peterborough Women's Centre - Website and Charity Commission page.

And lastly!
Anthea should answer the question. It says: Land and property, and whether I intend to continue to hold this, if elected. The bold section of this question hasn't been answered. Why? Does this mean if Anthea won she would still live in Peterborough? I feel we should be told.

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