Saturday, April 24, 2010

My comments on letters in The Hunts Post - 21/04/2010

My comments on letters in this weeks paper.

Nothing achieved for this town - Terry Cooper seems to want his cake and eat it. The problem with what goes on is the dreams of politicians in reality cost. Tax has to go up to pay for all these promises. An example are the Liberal Democrats who had a bold vision for St Neots through the Forward Plan only to fail through the lack of resources. This was due to the Liberal Democrats not wanting to impose the tax rises needed to get this programme through.

Under the same heading Roger Skillin has a go at the outdoor pool and the cinema. The trouble is the land and money is dedicated to an outdoor swimming pool. But Roger goes in for the politics of envy as the answer. It isn't. The main reason why Huntingdon gets more than St Neots is because the Huntingdon and the surrounding towns together are far larger than St Neots.

Idea's a real loo-ser - J Barrett has a go at HDC over the closure of the public loos in Huntingdon. It is easy to say no. With a £6.1 million deficit HDC has got to cut somewhere. Cllr Pat Taylor has a go at HDC over the closure of the toilets in Ramsey. This just shows how badly the Conservatives at HDC handled this decision.

Don't swing arts axe - Where has Jean Chandler been? The axe has already been swung and the arts budget has been chopped. With £6.1 million of cuts due, restoration of these arts cuts just won't happen.

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