Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My comments on letters in the Hunts Post - 7/4/10

Working to resolve problem - Why the Liberal Democrats allow Doug Terry a pen I have to wonder! What Doug missed was the new cemetery was supposed to be in Bedfordshire on the Eaton Socon side. The family wants a burial in St Neots!

All this goes back to the reign of Giles and Thorpe. After Devonald, the previous Town Clerk, left the duo cut back on the replacement of the Town Clerk. This left the Town Council in a mess. It is stupid that the Town Clerk had her holiday cancelled for what is a mess created by the Liberal Democrats.

Town is going to the dogs - E Page is right to point out what she feels is wrong in Huntingdon. I just wish our St. Neots politicians and some of the public also have a read of this letter. I know they look at Huntingdon through rose tinted glasses. Time for a reality check.

Looking for a spark - Bob Mullineaux is right about the Conservatives opening up the selection process. He is wrong though in thinking the Conservatives have money to carry out an all postal ballot selection contest. Since Djanogly became MP the HCCA finances have been on a slow nose dive.

This is really a test case - M King is right but misses the point over Hinchingbrooke. Franchising is Labour Government policy and the privatisation of the NHS by stealth has been underway for a decade.

Claims challenged - Derek Giles wades into the car parks charging issue. True, I can't find the Conservative petition being presented. It is a pity that Cllr Giles can't stand up and admit his mistakes when he was Leader of SNTC.

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