Monday, April 12, 2010

Martin Land has a go at me - I think!

In a recent entry on his blog, Martin Land says:

"I’m told that somebody who knows far more about politics than me thinks that my being Agent for some of my colleagues and for our Disttrict Candidates compromises my ability to stand for Parliament. But, you see, it’s my job. And like most (though not all) candidates in this election, I have to earn my keep. Actually, when you have 37 years of campaigning behind you, these tasks are relatively routine and don’t prevent me from doing a very serious job as a parliamentary candidate as a some people will perhaps be surprised to see on May 7th."

Martin, you are in charge of 17 local election campaigns in Huntingdonshire. You are also in charge of both the Cambridgeshire North East and the Cambridgeshire South General Election campaigns. One constituency is not for the faint hearted. Two is a lot of work. Anyway, doing a full time job of being the serious candidate should be the only job. Not one of many.

I compare Conservative MP Grant Shapps with Djanogly and found Djanogly lacking. I've found Shapps canvassing list via Twitter. Shapps is a serious candidate. Are you matching his work rate in Huntingdonshire, Martin Land? I doubt it!

Being a candidate at an election is a bit of a gamble. The more likely you are to win, the more likely you are to put more effort in the more likely you see yourself as winning. Keeping the day job means you are seriously hedging your bet and feel you are unlikely to win! What Huntingdon has is a part-time Liberal Democrat candidate who has seriously attacked Conservative supporters. The very people you need to vote for you to win!

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