Friday, April 2, 2010

My comments on letters in the News and Crier - 01/04/2010

Parking claim is an insult to our intelligence - I. Turner hits the nail on the head. The Conservatives are to blame and Cllr Barry Chapman does insult of intelligence by trying to blame the decision on the Liberal Democrats. Cllr Steve van de Kerkhove is right about where the blame should be put. Where is disagree with Steve is I feel St Neots is being treated fairly.

Where has the extra tax gone? - R.T. Watson is right to ask the question. The answer is much of the Council Tax goes to CCC. HDC is running a deficit and has been doing so for years. The extra money HDC received has gone on provision of basic services and to cut the deficit.

Petition will be submitted - Cllr Derek Giles is right over his look at the Leisure Centres. My figures differ but there isn't the amount of money to be made in Leisure and make it available for all. Privatisation won't happen. Creating a Charitable Trust to run the centres would be much better.

Cemetery delay is a disgrace - Mrs M Jones is right to question SNTC over the provision of a cemetery extension. I feel there is a bigger question. What about the future. If land is going to be allocated for cemeteries where are these new cemeteries going to go. I feel it is time that St Neots Town Council plans to stop this service and for people to look at alternatives.

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