Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where does Carrie Holliman live?

The Statement of Person nominated has a little surprise. The 8th candidate for the General Election.
The Animal Protection Party is standing. No local candidate and someone who want to hide her address. All other candidates have given their addresses so why is Carrie hiding hers? I've seen some of their political literature which has a go at Jonathan Djanogly, our former MP, over his expenses. But this constituency doesn't need the intervention of some secretive stranger from Kent for us to take a decision over his future.

In fact, Carrie Holliman is Carolyn Jane Holliman, who is Leader and Treasurer of The Animal Protection Party. The party's finances are here.

No photo. No biography. No address. All so secretive. Why? 



This has pleased me no end, it's about time that we stopped hunting the poor defencless Wild Haggis in Huntingdon.

Anonymous said...

Ms Holliman is using seriously out of date material for her campaign,and publishing addresses & emails of HLS on her website, while hiding her own. Having uncontrolled epilepsy for the last 12 years, I am dependent on safe, tested drugs. I could not look after myself or my children without them. The same goes for my husband who would not be here without safe heart medication

Anonymous said...

She probably wants to keep her address secret because of weirdos like you Dave. I've seen their literature and she comes from St Ives, which is smack bang in the constituency.