Monday, April 12, 2010

Huntingdon Conservatives Website Update

I see the Huntingdon Conservative Association has finally got around to changing their website. A few problems with these changes!
With Parliament being dissolved, Jonathan Djanogly is no longer an MP. According to this website he still is:

"This includes providing a local office for our Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for Corporate Governance and Solicitor General, Jonathan Djanogly MP...."

Jonathan Djanogly MP
House of Commons,
Constituency Office Telephone (01480) 437840

Neither of these contacts will work as Djanogly is no longer an MP.

Another point is how seriously are the Huntingdon Conservatives at wanting Djanogly and local council candidates to be elected as they are off on a boat trip.

I'll point out the following election offence:

"Treating - candidates or their supporters cannot directly or indirectly give or provide food, drink or entertainment in order to influence a voter."

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