Saturday, April 10, 2010

Even more on Car Parking!

Even more is dribbling out about the decision over the charging for car parks. Now I'm informed the minutes of the meeting of 16th December 2009 which were "private" have subsequently been published. Funny that. So what do the minutes of the "private" meeting say (google docs version here)?

The minutes tell me the that Cllr Farrer went to this secret meeting about the Car Parking charges. Cllr Farrer knew about this on 16th December 2009. This doesn't explain why he says in the News and Crier 11th February 2010 that "Cllr Farrer complained that he and his fellow local ward member Cllr David Harty were not consulted on the issue of charging". 

In the end the St Neots Conservative Councillors aren't telling us the truth. The truth is they knew these charges were going ahead way before the public campaign. They went to meetings or could have gone to meetings and made their voices heard. Two did. Cllr Thomas was on the secret working party and Cllr Farrer turned up. The rest couldn't be bothered.

All this Conservative "activity" is just a pantomime to cover up their inability to do anything!

The St Neots Conservative Councillors are squealing about these charges. They were consulted. Some were even part of the process. But in the end the one overriding problem is the £6.1 million deficit not one of the SNCCG wants to talk about.

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