Thursday, April 8, 2010

I see the Labour Party website has come to life!

I see the local Labour Party website has finally come to life now the General Election has been called. Not that it means much. There are some questions raised by what is said on the site. Firstly, I'm informed that:

"Anthea is an experienced Labour Councillor.....". So where is Anthea currently a Labour Councillor? I can't find anything on Google. I have found Anthea was a Councillor in Peterborough, but no more.

I also see Anthea is off on a sponsored walk? - What! In the middle of an election campaign and Anthea has to start raising funds with a 20 mile sponsored walk. That is just ridiculous. Raising money like this should have been a pre-election activity rather than an after thought. Anthea should be out campaigning!

So what is missing from the website? The Labour Government policy of franchising of Hinchingbrooke Hospital where the silence starts. Does Anthea agree with the Labour policy of franchising the NHS? 

I find the big hole in any Labour pronouncements is where are £billions in Labour cuts going to fall? I feel we should be told. It is absolutely rotten to inform me where the Conservatives are supposed to cut when the Labour Government can't even inform me where Labour will cut. They are the Government! 

If Labour is utterly clueless how can I expect the opposition parties to have an idea?

This is a rotten Labour Government and it should go at these elections.

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