Thursday, April 22, 2010

Djanogly leaflet delivered by post

I recently received my only leaflet from Jonathan Djanogly delivered by the Royal Mail. As the sole elector in the household I will only get one of these leaflets. By addressing this it means the second leaflet can be addressed to the second person in the household.

As for the leaflet, I feel it is very well set out. Gives 3 positive reasons for voting for Djanogly. The leaflet also sets out very well what Djanogly has been up to for the last few years.

On the back there is a piece on David Cameron and some Conservative policies. This is a very well written leaflet which is firmly aimed at encouraging electors to vote Conservative from all sections.

What is missing. Of course Djanogly doesn't want to remind us about his part in the MP's expenses scandal. There are no promises/pledges/contracts with the electors about future expenses. In reality, most of what he claimed will not be allowable under the new expenses regime.

What I have noticed. The term "lives in the constituency" has now changed to "active in the local community".
I just wonder whether this change in emphasis will mean a change in living arrangements if/when he gets re-elected?

This leaflet doesn't change my mind. So:

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Ste Greenall said...

n the leaflets, Mr Djanogly's team have sent out by mail, it lists "3 Positive Reasons to Vote for (him)"

The 3rd positive reason is that "Jonathan promotes commerce in Huntingdonshire". It goes on to say that he "......visits locals businesses every month. Being a Shadow Business Minister means Jonathan understands the concerns of companies and the importance between politics and industry"

It then notes a link to

So I visited that link. The page was blank (11.30 pm, Tuesday 20th April)

(I saved a screenshot just in case)

However, here's a question for Jonathan.

On these weekly visits to local businesses, have you ever spotted any printing companies? Surely yes? A cursory Google search and I found 17 at least. One of them is Lodge Printers, in Upton, within the constituency. Used by the Lib Dems. Jonathan expresses his local support by getting his leaflet printed in.......Guildford! Putting the postcode of the TPF Group and Conservative HQ in Huntingdon into AA RoutePlanner tells you that Mr. Djanogly, the man who "understands the concerns of companies", rewards local business by handing work to a company in Conservative MP Anne Milton's constituency!

On his website, Mr. Djanogly states that this is " exciting period for Huntingdonshire, which presents local people and businesses with big challenges, as well as great opportunities"

Unless, of course, you happen to run a printing firm

Ste Greenall-LibDem candidate-Huntingdon East