Thursday, April 22, 2010

May 6: District's date with destiny

Ian MacKellar misses the elephant sitting in the room in the District Elections and that is the £6.1 million of cuts needed to balance the budget. I know the Hunts Post likes the Conservatives but not mentioning the financial mess the District Council is wrong!

Also, what is wrong with this article:
There are 52 seats - not 53. There are 17 seats up for grabs. 12 are Conservative. 3 Liberal Democrat. 1 UKIP and 1 Independent.

Also the article states: "....they have been in complete disarray over car parking charges, which in most cases doubled overnight after persistent dithering at Cabinet level." This is simply untrue. Car Park charges haven't doubled. Where have they? The persistent "dithering" wasn't the Cabinet but was a result of this useless council set up imposed by this useless Labour Government.

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