Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ian Curtis IS a paper candidate!

A source let me know about this link. On the site for UKIP candidates there is a page for Ian Curtis. Joe Webster, Branch Chairman has stated on the UKIP page:
According to the Joe Webster, Ian is a "Paper Candidate". So what is "Paper Candidate"? The term is used for a candidate who is to put their name on the ballot but doesn't want to win. Therefore there is little campaigning as they don't want to win. This not only applies to General Election candidates but to local election candidates.

A better description is here of what a Paper Candidate is for.


EnricoSuave said...

While it's clear that Mr Curtis has little chance of winning even a respectable percentage of the votes, he did at least turn up to the recent debate (even if he didn't make much impact).
So it's perhaps a little unfair to call him a paper candidate.

Maybe a cardboard candidate - a little bit stronger than paper but on closer inspection a bit two dimensional.

Dave said...

Hey, I didn't call him a paper candidate. The UKIP Branch Chairman that did that. I'm just pointing this out.