Saturday, April 17, 2010

More on local elections.

This is a deeper look at the Local Elections in Huntingdonshire. The Conservatives could lose the local elections. The Liberal Democrats would have to be the largest Party and even a majority party. Labour haven't really got anywhere to win.

Both Ian Curtis (UKIP) and Lord Toby Jug (OMRLP) are standing in both the General and local elections.

The combination of the District Elections with the General Election causes a few problems with predictions. For instance how will a Green voter use their local election vote where there is no local Green candidate. The same goes for General Election voters elsewhere. This will make the local elections uncertain. In effect it will be the Euros all over again.

Where the parties have local election candidates.

Ward Conservatives Liberal Democrat Labour UKIP Green OMRLP Independent
Alconbury and The Stukeleys X X X
Buckden X X X
Earith X X X X
Elton and Folksworth X X X X
Godmanchester X X X
Gransden and The Offords X X X
Huntingdon East X X X X
Huntingdon West X X X X X
Ramsey X X X X
Sawtry X X X X
St Ives East X X X X
St Ives South X X X X X
St Neots Eynesbury X X X X
St Neots Priory Park X X X
The Hemingfords X X X X
Warboys and Bury X X X X
Yaxley and Farcet X X X X

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