Friday, April 9, 2010

Peter Reeve in hot water

The trouble with political parties is friendly fire can be more devastating than enemy fire. This is the case with Peter Reeve (UKIP - Ramsay). Stuart Agnew named Peter Reeve as a Constituency Representative but carried out very little work for him.

Looking up Stuart Agnew's "Transparency Report" I find his constituency representative is full-time. I then looked up Campbell-Bannerman's "Transparency Report" to find the Constituency representative is part-time. I have to say that these transparency reports aren't that transparent. No names are given with the contracts. Why not? Is UKIP that worried?

Peter Reeve is a District Councillor, County Councillor, a full-time employee of Stuart Agnew and a part-time employee for Campbell-Bannerman. With all these jobs Peter Reeve must be a very busy man.

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