Friday, April 23, 2010

More thoughts on the Hunts Post debate

After a good night sleep I thought I would take another look at the debate and how each candidate faired. The Hunts Post is doing a partial transcript and a publishing the video here.

1st - Jonathan Salt - Independent - came over very well. He had command over much of what he said. I liked the way he spoke to us. I do feel

Equal 2nd - Jonathan Djanogly and Martin Land

           Jonathan Djanogly - Conservative - I don't feel started well but got better in the debates. There was a certain section of Conservative 'cheerleaders' in the audience. I ignored these. I felt Djanogly didn't finish well. On the whole he came second.
           Martin Land - Liberal Democrat - I felt started well and ended very well. I feel Martin does do well in adversity and did. He had a very good finish.

4th - John Clare - Green Party - Came over very well and put his beliefs and his parties policies over very well.

5th - Lord Toby Jug  - OMRLP - Whilst cutting out the loony bit, which at times were inappropriate and bombed, Lord Toby Jug came over telling it as he sees it.

6th - Anthea Cox - Labour - Anthea didn't like being heckled. When Anthea was talking she just switched me off. Not inspiring at all. Anthea did attempt to defend Labours record. Whilst it is obvious Anthea can speak to the public, it is very much harder to talk to a crowd than to talk to a congregation. There were a couple of Labour 'cheerleaders' making more noise.

7th - Ian Curtis - UKIP - Ian is a late change on the UKIP side after Jennifer O'Dell dropped out. I felt sorry for the guy. Obviously out of his depth when compared to other candidates. Would probably do better at a lower level of representation.

My last observation on the meeting was the sheer number of men. 6 out of the 7 candidates are men. Where are the women in politics?

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