Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Comments on letters in St Neots News and Crier - 29/04/2010

St Neots is getting a raw deal - Cllr Giles has come out to say the Conservative run HDC is to "Screw St Neots". A crude title which doesn't actually stand up to examination. Because HDC is trying spreading this pain throughout the District. "Screw St Neots" is a crude campaign to try to show St Neots is somehow treated differently. I have yet to find evidence of this. All this does is adds to the perception that St Neots is treated badly.

I also have to take issue with St Neots Town Council was able to reduce tax this year. This was only achieved by the extending the boundaries rather than anything the Liberal Democrat Town Council actually did.

Request is costing us - Name supplied (couldn't give there real name) says : "The Council turned down the appeal for information and that should be the end of it." That is so wrong. Are the decisions of the Town Council are always correct? They are not. After two damning audit reports I simply do not trust this Town Council.

What are they hiding? - Mr Hill is correct. Spending taxpayers money to stop the public knowing information is wrong. Looking at other crisis councils this is a method which they like to do. Mr Baldwin also hit the right spot with: "I thought the Liberal Democrats supported transparency? I guess when the inconvenient truths are involved, it must be resisted." Too right!

Disappointed by choice - T Lewis and I agree that Martin Land's leaflets are biased towards getting Labour supporters to vote Liberal Democrat. Rather than trying to attract Conservative supporters to his cause.

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