Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Co-opting for the vacant Town Council seat!

There is a vacant seat on St Neots Town Council. Fiona Birks (Liberal Democrats) resigned her Eaton Socon seat in March and the vacant seat has been advertised. The by-election would have been run on 27th May 2010. I would have thought the Conservatives would have been champing at the bit to fight the Liberal Democrats at Town Council level. Obviously not. Instead of a by-election the vacancy is now going to filled by co-opting someone onto the Town Council. Further information here.

If the St Neots Conservative Councillor Group are to be taken seriously they need to fight by-elections to show the strength of public feeling is backing them. Obviously, the Conservatives feel they would lose.

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Chattering Man said...

I’d hazard a guess that a by-election would cost between £2k and £3k. If there is less than a year for the new councillor to serve, you could argue that (for once) the Conservatives have acted sensibly in sparing St Neots that expense.

Alternatively the Tories are so divided by the car parking charges fiasco, they can’t even bring themselves to talk to each other, or find a candidate.