Friday, April 2, 2010

Hard Times, Hard Choice - What Options?

Having received a magazine from the Town Council. Another from the District I now get one from the County Council. Well part from the CCC. Much of the middle was from the NHS.

On page 3 Council Leader Jill Tuck says: "This edition, we focus on our budget and a tough set of decisions, created by central government’s need to cut public spending."

The first question I have to ask is: where is the focus in on CCC's budget and the tough set of decisions? Apart from a small piece on Page 6 saying: "The Council had a budget ‘gap’of just under £16 million for the coming financial year, so savings have had to be made." there isn't much else.

The second question is: where are the options? Time and again the District and County Councils are informing us that cuts are on the way but nothing about what could be cut.

At least I can read this magazine on-line. Unlike HDC or SNTC which don't have their publications on-line.

Cuts are going to happen. But where the axe is going to cut is a secret.

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